Cup of Hope: Stay: Running to other Gods

Apr 20, 2022    Stephanie Winslow

Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet. He was called to prophesy to people who were prone to wander, and to turn their back on God, seeking other Gods. Idol worship was rampant throughout Israel, God's chosen people. In Jeremiah 2, we read of Jeremiah pleading with the people of God to stop running to other God's and turn back to become reunited with the one true God.

Today we will study our tendency to run found in Jeremiah 2:25-35, and how we can make a choice to live different than how we see the Israelites living.

Join us as we read together and study! Learn and grow in confidence in God's saving grace this week!

Cup of Hope: A gulp of God's word to produce greater faith and hope.
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