Cup of Hope: Truth: History Repeats Itself

May 13, 2022    Stephanie Winslow

I can only imagine that the story-telling of Abraham telling Pharaoh and Abimelech that Sarah was his sister made it through the camp. I can imagine Sarah even complaining to her maid-servants that Moses made her tell others she was his sister. Do you think Isaac would have known these stories? Or maybe it was even a lesson he was taught -for their own protection, of course- as they were venturing from place to place to the promised land.

Open your Bibles and turn to Genesis 26:1-11 and be filled up full to overflowing with God's great promise of Hope as we unpack this story of Isaac repeating history as he uses the same lie to protect himself and his family.

Cup of Hope: A gulp of God's word to produce greater faith and hope.
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