Cup of Hope: Live by Faith, Not by Sight: Salvation

Jan 5, 2022    Stephanie Winslow

Happy New Year! As we embark on a new year, I'm inviting you into an exchange challenge for the month of January! This month we are going to focus around exchanging our tendency to live by sight. Seeing is believing, right? Not so, in the life of a believer. Faith comes before seeing. We will exchange our need to see for faith in what is unseen. Believing for the miracles before they happen.

Salvation is a gift of God - that we have to accept. We have to grab a hold of it. Believe it is for us. Believe that he chose us. Join us as we explore scripture about accepting the salvation that comes through God alone.

Cup of Hope: A gulp of God's word to produce greater faith and hope.
Join us M-W-F @ 6:45am Central.
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