Cup of Hope: Gentle when it's easier to be Harsh: Gentle Transformation

Apr 1, 2022    Stephanie Winslow

This month we are focusing our attention on God's gentleness and growing our awareness of His gentleness to us. And with God's spirit at work in us, we are transformed into HIS likeness. We can be gentle with those around us as He is gentle in dealing with us.

Come on this journey with me this month, and learn how to grow in gentleness by looking at God's word. We read today from 2 Corinthians 10:1 Be encouraged family! God is gentle with us!

Join us as we read together and study! Learn and grow in love this week!

Cup of Hope: A gulp of God's word to produce greater faith and hope.
Join us M-W-F @ 6:45am Central.
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