Day 5: Worship

Trust Challenge
The Bible tells us that we are saved because we believe in our heart and proclaim with our mouth that Jesus is Lord. Words are powerful if we use them for God’s kingdom. Professing our faith helps us relate to it tangibly and sustain us against the enemy’s lies.


1) Create a statement of faith, opposite from your Day 1 statement! "The Lord will..." and replace any reminders of your “one thing” with one of God’s promises. Remember, our faith is not a wishing well. Believing “hard enough” that your situation will change will not make it so. But we can always stand on the solid foundation of the promises God made to us in His word.

2) If you are still struggling to trust God in this area, then repeat Days 1 through 5 on your own as necessary. If you feel you ready, you can move on to the next “one thing” in areas where you are holding on to fear or worry.

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