Day 3: Listen

Trust Challenge
Our beliefs impact our thoughts, which shape our emotions, which affect our choices and behaviors. That is why scripture instructs us to take every thought captive. But this is a discipline we can improve upon over time and not a habit that will form overnight.


1) Select a personal scripture verse that you can repeat and will encourage you with the Lord's truth when you are tempted to pick up your worry. Post this scripture in your home and workplace to remind you periodically to trust God.

2) Take the piece of paper with your “one thing” (from Day 1) and symbolically hand it over to God. (Bury it outside, tear it up, place it in a "God Box," or do something of your own)

3) Write a list of examples where the Father has come through for you when you were scared or in a tough place. You can also add Biblical examples that resonate with you to show He is trustworthy to give us what we NEED over and over.

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