Give, Or Not

R4LC is the overflow of three separate ministries serving the lost and broken.

Body: RelevéOne
Soul: Bloom In The Dark
Spirit: Eternal Heiress

Our first goal is to serve God's kingdom in obedience to Him. He has all of the resources and He has provided all the resources to fund this church. We are not seeking donations.

We desire your obedience to God -
not your money.

What we want is for you to grow in relationship with God.

Surrender to God.
Listen to His prompting.
Obey His prompting.
Worship Him as a living sacrifice.

If God is not prompting you to give. Don't Give.

If you are sure God is prompting you to give, then we encourage you to follow Him.
*If there is a specific project or intention for your gift, there is an opportunity to make that known during the online donation process.

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