About Us

The Mission

The mission of Recovery 4 Life Church is to get hope into the hands of every hurting person.

The Vision

The vision is to create a space for a global community of Christians dedicated to seeking God’s will and healing from the hurts of the world.

The Beginning

In the first decade of my recovery journey I was perplexed by the separation of church and recovery.

The 12 steps and the recovery platitudes such as "one day at a time" all pointed back to Jesus's teachings. It was church and faith on steroids.

The only differences between church and recovery were:
1) our authentic desperation for God
2) our need to openly talk about our struggle.

"God, your heart is for the hurting! Why is it so difficult to find churches that practically serve your hurting children? Why must it feel so out of place to be desperate for you when that's how you've created us to live? In total vulnerable, surrendered, constant relationship with you."

I asked God to bring me to a church that understood there is no separation of church and recovery because we're all recovering from the hurts of this world.

 Eventually, He asked me to create the space for such a church. And here we are.

It's still early days. God is slowly revealing His plan and bringing people like you and I into this space. Every aspect has been prayed over and inspired by Him. It's our obedience to His will that leads the way. He may have given me a vision, but it's not about me. It's about all of us seeking and chasing after God, walking in His will, surrendered to His plan together.

He gets all the glory!

Meet the elder team.

Ginny Priz

Founding Elder & Pastor
Ordained minister. Teacher.
Certified life coach.
10 years sober.
TV Show host.
Cat mom.

Paula Wallace

Elder & Pastor
Ordained minister.
Mom of 3 boys.
TV Show host.

Amy Weber

Leader of Movement.
Wife & mom of 2 boys.
Founder of RelevéOne

Amy Philips

Ordained Minister.
Wife & mom of 2 boys.
Leader at PowHer 432 Ministries.

Barbara Ann Jeter

Prayer Warrior.
Co-founder of Eternal Heiress.
Wife & mom of son.

Mandy Justice

Prayer Warrior.
Co-founder of Eternal Heiress.
Wife & mom of girls.

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